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Add a Touch of Style to Your Bathroom with a New Illuminated Mirror

Illuminated MirrorOne of the last places that you ever decide to redecorate tends to be your bathroom; you can recover the cost of upgrading your bathroom should you decide to sell your home so it’s a good investment to make in your existing home. A decorating detail that can add pizzazz to your dressing area with minimal cost is an illuminated mirror with accompanying lighting that enhances the way you apply your makeup and tend to daily personal grooming. Choosing a new mirror can be a great deal of fun and can make a big difference in the character and charm of the bathroom.

Choose Beauty with Function
Upgrading the mirror in your bathroom is going to be less expensive than replacing your toilet, plumbing fixtures, or adding that cute bathtub with legs that you’d love to have. There are a myriad of styles available that match your decor so that you can easily replace your current mirror with a weekend project yourself. Make sure that you select a model that will fit the space that you have and will provide the lighting that you need in your grooming area. You’ll want the lights to be directly in front of your face so that you won’t have shadows when you’re trying to apply your make-up or handling other personal grooming procedures.

Hang Your Mirror Like Artwork
Your professional lighting specialist can offer you advice about how to hang your lighted mirror but getting a feel for what works best for you is the best plan of action. Like a fine piece of artwork, your mirror must be placed in just the right spot according to your personal needs; you may want to have a friend hold the mirror in a variety of places before you attach the hardware to your wall for final installation. You will know when it’s placed correctly; remember to consider who will be using the mirror, how tall they are, and how often they will be in front of the mirror preparing for another day.

Seek Professional Assistance
As you search for the perfect new mirror to add some style to your bathroom, you might want to visit the website http://lightmirrors.co.uk where you can find a wide array of styles and sizes that should suit your personal needs. Be sure to consider the amount of space that you have, what your decorating goals are, and how much money you have to spend on this upgrade. The professionals can offer you advice about how to hang your mirror, how the lighting works to add an ambiance to your dressing area, and some of the benefits of having lighting connected to your mirror for space-saving in smaller bathrooms.

You work hard every day and pampering yourself in your own personal bathing and dressing space will be a well-deserved benefit that you will enjoy for years to come. Take some time before you begin, develop a plan to follow, and set a realistic budget so that you will be happy with this project long after the work has finished. Style is the essence of your persona and having a stylish dressing space will do a great deal to help you feel good about the way you look each day.

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