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Shopping for New Bath Towels – It’s in the Details!

When you are remodeling the look of your bathroom, adding new towels is a relatively inexpensive method to change the entire look of the room while also giving it a focal point. There are various styles of towels – including bath hand towels, washcloths and traditional full-size body towels. Towels come in many colors ranging from classic white to bright fuchsia, depending on the look you want in your bathroom. Before shopping for new bath towels, understanding more about the towels you purchase helps to find the highest quality for the look and feel you want.


Most towels are made from standard, Supima® or Egyptian cotton (which is known as the softest and has the longest threads). Standard cotton is less expensive but it is also more absorbent and durable, recommended for children or toddlers (especially if you need new sheets often). Supima® cotton is made in the United States as opposed to Egyptian cotton, and it also has a shorter thread length than Egyptian cotton. The higher the thread count your bath towels have, the more absorbent the towel is and useful for cleaning up messes or drying off. If you are seeking a luxurious bath towel collection, opt for a higher thread count that is made from Egyptian cotton for the softest feel and highest quality of absorbency.


Whether you are shopping for bath towels or duvet covers, it is important to stay informed on the styles and quality of various materials available. Choosing bath towels depends greatly on your need for absorbent towels and also the use the towels get regularly. Looking at the thread count and the materials used in these products can help you determine quality and get the most “bang for your buck.”


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