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The sofa bed revolution is here!

sofa bedThat might be a bit strong if I’m honest. It’s more that sofa beds are slowly gaining more popularity due to some stylish innovations, but that didn’t make as snappy a title for the blog post so I decided to brand it as a revolution. I think sofa beds may well be seen in an increasing amount of homes within the next five years. Sofa beds today are sturdy and stylish and wouldn’t even look out of place in the classiest of living rooms and as their popularity grows, so too will the availability and range on offer.

They used to be uncomfortable and ungainly. They’d be pushed into the hallway or the corner of a bedroom taking up room and waiting for that one day a year when all the family come round for Christmas. They would be unsightly and a source of shame in the lounge. These worries are a thing of the past. No longer should you have to feel the need to cover up the monstrosities of old with throws and blankets. A new age is dawning and it’s an age of style and class.

Optimus Prime
The key to a great sofa bed is to ensure that one: it’s a comfortable and big enough bed as well as being a comfortable and big enough sofa. Like Hasbro’s Transformers functioning as vehicles and robot death machines, the sofa beds need to be fully functioning in both of their configurations. The world of furniture retail is creating some elegant and stylish sofa beds to suit any style. They know that in this modern world of materialism we are running out of space in our homes. This is not a problem with a sofa bed. They are perfect for a little pied-á-terre or if you live in a bedsit where utilising space is of the utmost importance.

Look around and you may be surprised by the scale of what is on offer. There are sofa beds to suit any interior design, plus they are large enough to comfortably sleep two people, which has been a problem in the dark ages of sofa beds where two people would be cramped onto one sheet of mattress that barely provides any comfort.

I would thoroughly recommend seriously considering ‘upgrading’ to a sofa bed as one they now look as stylish as your own sofa. Check this out,it’s a cool piece on sofa beds that I found on a blog. it might help inspire you into taking that step. They’re comfy, stylish, and can be a great help when the relatives come a-knocking. Seriously consider getting a sofa bed as they usually end up being cheaper than a regular sofa (and they don’t even transform!)

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