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Everything you need to know about Shade Sails and installation

Shade SailsShade Sail is a colored screen which is installed with the aim of designing the outdoor atmosphere. A Shade Sail has a working principle as the display technology in a traditional boat or ship driven by wind power. Shade Sail has a strong effect to change the outdoor atmosphere became more cheerful. Shade Sail often used in sun-exposed areas with high intensity. If your home is located on sun-exposed areas with high intensity, then this screen is perfect for you. According to some studies, this screen has several advantages for health, such as to reduce the risk of skin cancer from sun radiation.

Shade Sails consist of various types. To select it, you should have to follow the various general guidelines so that you avoid unnecessary mistakes. Some special considerations that need to be considered are the shape, size, and location. The shape is an important parameter to select a Shade Sail. There are several common forms, i.e. triangular, square, or rectangular. The selection of this form cannot be separated from the taste and design of your home. You can adjust the color of the paint color and also the level of intensity of the sun. The bright colors used for homes that are close to the beach, while the darker color is more often used for a location away from the coast or in locations where there are a lot of trees.

The second parameter is the size. In determining the size, you should consider the mounting location Shade Sail. This is vital because of the location parameter will determine the suitability of a Shade Sail. In determining the size of the screen, you have to take into account the distance between each corner of the screen and structural point. It aims to anticipate the symptoms tensioning. One common benchmark in adjusting the screen size with the size of the room is you have to leave the room by 10% of the length of the screen. For example, you decide to buy a Shade Sail with an area of ​​4m x 4m square, then you must provide an empty space of 400mm. Broadly speaking, the steps include marking the mounting points to be adjusted to the fascia. Fascia is a word used to refer to the gutter board that has a horizontal direction. Usually fascia attached to the wall or corner of the house.

The third parameter is the location of the installation Shade Sail itself. What I mean is the location of the planting hole of independent post. The rule of thumb is the center hole should be in line with the vertex of the screen. You can use a wooden post. Usually selected two basic forms of wooden posts, which is round and square shapes. Some common size is the diameter of 125mm, 130mm, and 135mm. These measures are also commonly used for the square shape. When you make adjustments to the fascia independent post holes, then you must consider the position of the nail. Nails are a term commonly used to refer to the mark where the exact position of the fascia rafters. You have to see where the nails were, and if you cannot see the position, then you should browse the fascia to the rafters and fixing hook in that position. Sometimes you need to go up to the roof to attach the supporting fascia bracket to the rafters so that you can get a good result where the eye pad is connected with the front side of the fascia. If these steps seem complicated for you, then you can ask for help from experts Shade Sail installation or other professionals.
In the Shade Sail installation activities, you need to use the stairs. You must ensure three main points in the use of stairs. Three points are footstool ladder, ground, and the pedestal on the ground. The most common mistakes in the use of stairs are the slope of the stairs that are too big. The depth of the hole that is used is relative, but that is commonly used is 800mm and 1200mm for the small screen to big screen above 5 m. Another thing to note is the permission of the local councils that govern your city, you must comply with all licensing is required in installing Shade Sail even in your own home area.

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