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Fresh Ideas for your Vintage Living Room

Often many people like to go for modern themes when settling into a new home or having a room renovated but what about those of us who prefer retro styles and living slightly in the past of a time frame we might believe to be better?

We’d like to start by offering you some fresh ideas for your retro living room, what antique pieces you could start with and how they might benefit you.

Wall Pieces and Wall Hung Mirrors

One thing that can really light up a room is a good wall mirror, so it’s a pretty good place to start when it comes to getting that old school style, check out some of the options from different vintage frameless wall mirrors that you can buy online at a pretty good deal. They often have an antique look within them with some nice engravings.

Then there are retro pictures, possibly film stars from the 50’s or a nice picture of the old school bands such as The Beatles.

If you want some more ideas or to start off with a simple wall mirror then check out more information on the Soraya’s UK wall mirror website where they have a huge collection.

Antique Furniture

60’s furniture can be a bit hit and miss, if your looking for something antique then make sure it is suitable. the last thing you want is for it to go wrong by breaking in half or causing a problem. Find something retro that’s going to serve it’s purpose, an old school cabinet could work really well with a wall mirror just above it.

Get yourself a stylish rug

Sometimes you can focus to much on furniture and all the trimmings and forget something so simple as a cool retro rug. A cool sheepskin brightly coloured rug might be the thing for you. Try to compliment the other colours of the room for maximum effect, a brown coloured room with a silver mirror, light brown furniture and a black sheepskin rug is a great combination.

And finally, don’t forget to show it off

So amongst all of the stuff that makes your living room look nice and vintage, don’t forget to invite your friends, perhaps have a nice 60’s party with a few pimms to celebrate!


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