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How to Choose the Right Curtains and Window Dressings

PL6Choosing the right curtains is something that takes time and a bit of research because you want to make sure that you get it right and have window dressings that fully complement the rooms in your home. There are several things to consider when you are looking to change the window treatments and curtains in your home and keeping these in mind will help to make your decision both faster and easier.


Fabric and Color

These two offer nearly limitless combinations, but you can narrow it down relatively quickly. Think about the style of your home and go from there. For example, a shabby chic decorating scheme does best with sheer fabrics and lightweight cotton fabrics, but a more traditional design can do very well with a thicker drapery. There are also more modern draperies available that will complement a more modern design.


Level of Privacy

If you want a light of privacy, you may want to consider getting a type of blind or shade, such as those available at Payless decor online. These offer varying levels of privacy, but they also allow you to enjoy plenty of natural light because while people cannot see into your home, the light is able to penetrate the shade and these shades can be combined with curtains for a more decorative effect.


Lining and Length

This is where you will need to decide how high the curtains will sit and if you want to allow for some puddling on the floor. You should then measure the distance and choose curtains that provide this length. When it comes to lining, this can be ideal when you want to block out light. For example, if you work a night job and have to sleep during the day, a blackout curtain lining may be beneficial in helping you sleep, or this can also be helpful when you have a baby who need to nap during the day.


Custom or Off-the-Shelf

Most people have windows in their home that will fit well with an off-the-shelf option, but if you have very large or very small windows in your home, custom may be a better option to ensure that the curtain fits the window well. If you do choose to go the custom route, make sure that your measurements are flawless so that there are no gaps on the top, bottom or sides of your window.

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