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The vintage look is in this season

Vintage chairsIf you thought that vintage interiors would be consigned to the past this spring/summer, you’re in for a surprise. Vintage interiors are still hot news and interior designers in the know are furnishing their clients’ homes with an eclectic mix of vintage, new and reclaimed furniture. So what are some of the key elements to include in your home for that authentic vintage feel? We’ve come up with just a few ideas to get you started.

 Vintage chairs
When it comes to tables for your living space, let your imagination run riot. Vintage nests of tables and coffee tables are easy to find online or at your local antique dealer – you may even find something at a charity shop or salvage yard that can be repurposed! Think chunky, sturdy solid wood tables when it comes to coffee tables; they’re the perfect complement to neutral, minimalist decor and a vintage sofa.

Create the mood
Vintage lighting is everywhere this season, from reclaimed industrial lighting to Moroccan-inspired lamps and Victorian gothic chandeliers. Whichever style you go for, you’ll find plenty of choice online or at your local antique dealers. There are even new lights that simply look vintage, if you’re after something a little more modern. For a cosy feel, add accent lighting to your room – a standard lamp, wall lamps and a couple of table lamps can be turned on and off as needed to create the right ambience.

Period style
When it comes to creating authentic vintage or period style, the classic Chesterfield sofa is an essential addition to any home. Leather furniture manufacturers such as www.thomaslloyd.com are the perfect place to begin your hunt for the perfect, customised leather Chesterfield sofa – not only are these sofas incredibly durable and beautiful, they will also last a lifetime if well cared for! It’s best to pay a bit more and invest in a new sofa rather than spending less on a second hand one, particularly if you want it to be comfortable and last. The Chesterfield sofa will work in just about any home, according to Inside Shopper as it’s such an iconic, classic style.

Kitsch storage
Nobody likes clutter, so why not invest (or create) some vintage-style storage for all your bits and bobs? We love the idea of painting vintage crates in colours to complement your existing decor – they can be used to store paperwork, magazines or even the kids’ toys, and should be relatively easy to come by. Transform an old, tired chest of drawers with vintage-style handles and a lick of paint to create a truly unique piece of reclaimed furniture that shows off your style.

So now you’re armed with a few ideas, it’s time to create your very own vintage style interiors; don’t be afraid to mix and match styles and play around with pieces you find to make them unique. Remember to spend the most money on key pieces such as a comfortable sofa and you will find it’s easy to recreate a gorgeous vintage style without going over your budget.

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