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Secrets To Starting Up A Home Garden Easily And Quickly In One Weekend

If you’re like me, you have a busy life and you seldom have free time to get little projects underway. So those little projects don’t get done. And years go by and you keep saying that someday, someday soon, you’ll get to that little pet project you’ve always wanted to get to. And you never do. And then you die and realize you’ve led a worthless life. Don’t let that happen. Say you want to start up a home garden, here’s a great way to get that home garden started up in just one weekend so you don’t have to push it back any longer. Dedicate just one weekend to your pet project, and you will reap the benefits for years!

1. Get All Your Supplies at Once

One of the most time consuming, and therefore prohibitive, aspects of starting up a project like a home garden is the driving around to a million stores, and having to come home between each one to unload. You realize that you are zig zagging all over the city and by the time you’re home you’re exhausted. A great way to avoid that obstacle is to find a 12 passenger van rental place like www.avonrents.com and get yourself a van for the weekend. You can load it up with everything you’ll need for your garden – the planters and potters and the soil and everything else, like seeds and seedlings. You’ll be able to get everything and come home with daylight and energy to spare.

2. Seedlings Whenever Possible

There’s no great pride in growing something from a seed, so why not make your life easier and get most of the flowers and vegetables and herbs as seedlings. Not only will it look better and be more immediately rewarding, but it’ll be easier, and at this point you’re not trying to prove you can start a garden from scratch, you want to just have the garden for your fresh veggies and herbs. So try to buy things as seedlings, like basil and rosemary. Your garden and your home cooking will thank you.

3. Enlist Help from your Friends

One thing that makes home garden set up difficult is there are so many things to do and many hands make light work. So why not ask a friend or two to help you – they may even enjoy themselves. Offer to give them some beer or something to reward them. But that’s a way to make it more fun for you, for your friend, and to get that garden going strong. You may have to help your friend with a project later on, too, but that’s okay. They pay it forward, and then you help them out. It’s a great way to get both your and your buddy’s project going!

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