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The gardening tools that every gardener should have

The gardening tools that every gardener should haveMake yourself a tool kit box or bag for gardening and you will always have what you need. Store the tool kit in a proper place in your garden or you can always find it when you need the special tool for hedge trimming and pruning. However, the selection of gardening tools is essential. Check out some basic tips and tools that every gardener should have.

– Items for personal protection like a kneeling mat or protectors for activities near the ground, mask for breathing when gardening in a dusty environment, a hat and protective gloves are four of the most essential items that you should have in your tool kit. They might be useless, but it`s a great idea to keep them stored in a well-known place for just in case.

– Common tools for tightening, attaching or gluing. Of course, make sure to have glue for wood for just in case. Other great tools are different types of ropes and heavy-duty tape. Small wire nails can be very useful in some situations too, that`s why you will need at least a basic hammer tool set for gardening.

– Something to cut thick branches, wooden boards and other wood materials. At least a couple of handsaws are indispensable even if you have a chain saw or a band saw for metal parts. Sawing is a major part of the gardening activities and that`s why you want to keep well sharpened saws in your tool set.

– The hand pruners are next as they are indispensable when it`s time for pruning, hedge trimming or grass cutting. The pruners should be comfortable and that`s why invest in good-quality pruners that can last more years. According to the type of your garden, you may need two, three or more pairs of pruners from different sizes. The small indoor gardens with edibles and decorative bushes require pruning quite often, while the number of the plants for pruning in a big outdoor garden is just enormous. The strongest pruning shears can even replace the saw when it comes to maintaining a proper leaf clearance of the big trees.

– Something to cut small leaves and thin objects. A pair of good quality scissors is the next recommended item for the toolbox. They can be used for cutting the invasive leaves of the trees, the bushes or all other plants. Not to mention that the scissors are small and light, which makes them perfect for storing in small gardening toolboxes.

– A couple of hoses for garden spraying and watering. Get yourself hoses with different lengths if you have a big backyard garden, while for small indoor gardens – you may need just a spray bottle for watering.

– Rakes and shovels. Without a doubt, they are always useful for every small or big outdoor garden. They will help with the garden landscaping every season, as well as for a vast array of other operations in the garden. There are plenty of types and sizes of rakes and shovels, and each suits best for a specific activity. A great tip is to have only the required rakes and shovels for your specific type of garden. These tools are usually big and heavy, and so they may need a greater storage space in your tool kit.

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