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Combining Home Automation with Home Security Systems

Home Security SystemsIt is a good idea to pair home automation with home security systems. In some cases, automation is not enough as some of today’s thieves are up to speed on technology. This is where the home security system would come into play to deter thieves or lessen their time in your home. Home automation uses technology to program lights, televisions, appliances and other electronics to run only during a specified period of time.

Internal Surveillance Systems
Internal surveillance is just as important as exterior surveillance. Setup a few small hidden cameras throughout your home on a Wi-Fi system. The Internet connection allows the cameras to send the recorded footage to your home computer for your viewing. This will allow you to see what’s going on in other parts of your home.

Internal surveillance can also be setup to work using remote access, or the ability to login to the system from another location. This is convenient when you have someone watching your children or pets in your home and while you are out of town.

Timed Lights and Movement Features
With home automation and security systems in place, you can program the lights and electronics in your home to turn on with movement. In the event that an audible alarm fails, the home automation system would turn lights on as burglars go through your home. They’ll think someone is there turning on lights and will quickly leave the premises.

These same features can be used to turn on televisions with movement or timers. When you are away from home on vacation, these features are important as it makes others think that someone is home and aids in preventing break-ins.

Off-Site Security Management
Even with home automation systems in place, a home security system is important as an additional measure of protection. An off-site alarm monitoring company can keep an eye on your home when you’re away. Anytime that the alarm is set off, the alarm company receives a signal. Based upon that signal, the company alerts the proper emergency services and sends them to your home.

Whether you are at home or away, some burglars know no limits and will enter a home just because they want to. The security measures in place should be a good enough deterrent, but when they aren’t, the time that the burglar is in the home is shortened because they understand that police are on the way. They’ll grab what they want and get out.

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