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Dangers Your Home Furnace Could be Presenting You With

Whilst their intentions may be good and they provide your home with warmth, comfort and of course, hot water, home furnaces could also be presenting you and your household many dangers if they are not cared for, serviced or replaced when necessary. As a general rule of thumb you should be looking to replace your home furnace every 15-20 years, failure to do so can have some problematic consequences which could lead to you needing an emergency furnace replacement and could even lead to dangers to your health. Let’s take a look at some of the dangers that furnace could cause.

Toxic and Poisonous Gasses
If you have an aging furnace that uses propane oil or natural gas then you could be at risk of having Carbon Monoxide flowing freely throughout the house. Carbon Monoxide is a dangerous byproduct of combustion that can have grave consequences on your health and it is vital that if you suspect any Carbon Monoxide coming from your furnace that you replace it immediately. Carbon Monoxide can cause a range of health problems from minor ailments like headaches or dizziness to severe bouts of nausea, heart and brain damage or it could even lead to death.

Furnaces are designed with particular parts that work to regulate and neutralize the levels of humidity in the air and an out-of-date boiler will gradually lose its ability to perform these functions. The result of this will mean that the air in house becomes overly humid or too dry and this in itself can cause health problems to those living in the household. The change in air can affect the skin, leaving it dry and cracked and it can also cause sore throats. Aside from the clear health problems that the air can cause, you could also see damage to wooden furniture as a result of the change in the environment.

Dirt in the Air
Throughout the life of the furnace and the air ducts they will build up piles of dirt and debris which, throughout the years, will prevent them from properly being able to clean themselves out. The key danger with this type of build-up is not only the reduced functionality of the furnace in the home but also that this dirt and debris will house thousands of bacteria particles. Once the furnace loses its ability to successfully filter out the build of this dirt, it will start to blow it around the home which can lead to dirty surfaces and furniture.

Worse still, the dirt that is being pumped out by your furnace will contain lots of harmful bacteria and can cause problems on the chest or could even cause illnesses and infections. It is important that you not only stay on top of replacing your air filters to your furnace but also ensure that you are servicing and replacing the furnace when the time comes in order to avoid these problems.

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