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Build the work space of your dreams

Most garages I’ve known inside my life happen to be modified messy storage units devoid of specific purpose or organization. I’ve seen numerous garages that happen to be neither utilized for cars nor for anything other a place to put those forgotten or discarded objects who have no home. At the same time, I realize so many people who verbalize just how much they wish they had a workspace. Or they want a place to set up a business office or to indulge their creative sides. For my money, there’s nothing better for your carless garage than to put it together as a workspace. If you do not have a garage you may want to consider looking into metal building kits.


This is surprisingly not as basic as it sounds, yet it is cathartic because the first step would be to finally go through all that junk in the garage and make some decisions. What are you going to keep and what are you going to give away? If something has been doing “storage” long enough, you don’t really need it, I’m from the philosophy that. However, I realize that many people are a bit more sentimental than I, so proceed to save the things you really really need. The simple fact of the matter though, is that if it’s experienced the garage collecting dust, you probably don’t need it at all.


Once you’re done cleaning out the baggage that has been weighing down your garage and also have had your sentimental goodbyes to all those things that you’d like to think you need, it’s time to start designing your workspace. This is going to be completely different for different people. For example, my workspace is really a recording studio, while yours could be a toolshed or a place to paint. Either way, you’re gonna need organize your power, your storage and your supplies. To brainstorm on the easiest way to maximize your space and realize what you’ll need to get there, go online either to crimping tools to obtain some great ideas on materials and efficiency.

For my recording studio, I put in place a number of shelves for organizing all of my cords. I drilled classy hooks to the wall to hold my guitars and for good measure and sound quality, I added a large, wooden desk that’s perfect for bouncing sound waves and maximizing acoustics. However, I’ve often thought about turning half of the garage in to a workspace and put to organize my tools. Being a lifelong practice it myselfer, I’ve amassed quite a collection of power tools and gadgets through the years, and getting everything set up in an easy to find and manageable put in place is important. Whatever your hobby or craft, there is a way to set up your garage workspace for maximum efficiency and inspiration. Making this transformation elegantly symbolizes your shedding some of the extraneous past and moving on to some promising future.


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