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Consider Bonner Services for Roofing and Home Repairs

Choosing a new home can be confusing. With all the building techniques being used today, it can be difficult to figure out which methods are based on quality standards. A reputable builder and contractor will not take any short cuts. A well built home will make the purchase and the move less stressful and more enjoyable.

There are many suitable contractors within the Atlanta region, who have designed and constructed quality homes and can provide quality repairs to a home’s existing roof.

Roof repairs are often necessary, due to aging, use of poor quality materials in original construction, damage from hail and severe winds, and other acts of nature. It is never a good idea to let repairs go for too long. Bonner Built Homes is one company with a reputation in the region for excellence in construction practices. With over 30 years in the housing industry, the members of the organization are well versed in newer and older construction practices that represent quality craftsmanship.

Aside from the damage getting worse, poor roof conditions can lead to damage to the internal structure of the home. Water damage can cause weakness in the homes framework, as well as destruction of ceilings and walls. If left for a period of time, initial roof issues can lead to repairs of the home’s interior that will cost thousands in remediation.

A reputable roofing repair company can make the difference in preventing further damage to the home. The Bonners have many skills in construction and roofing, along with decades of experience, to get the job done right the first time.

There are many other advantages of calling the company for repairs. With the skills and experience in roofing, member of this family owned business can provide an accurate quote, so customers are not left with surprises and additional charges when the job is complete.

As a family owned business, members of the company have a reputation within the region to uphold. They are well known for providing honest, high quality services. They are familiar with the various materials available on the market for roofing repair and replacement. The contractors know which materials will last longer and which methods will stand the test of time for particular roofing situations.

Today, green building and construction is becoming increasingly desired among homeowners. The company is well versed in green building practices and can make the best recommendations for green materials in roofing repair.

Many of the members of this company work as insurance adjusters. They know how to get claims taken care, when a home’s roof or siding has been damaged by hail or high winds. Knowing how to get claims paid gives customers an advantage, when filing claims and getting repairs done quickly.

Reputable services, extensive knowledge in construction practices, and having the ability to work effectively with insurers makes this contracting company a suitable solution for roofing repair and replacement. The professional service can get the necessary work done the right way, without sacrificing quality.

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