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Energy Savings from Double Glazing

Energy SavingIf your energy bills were high last winter the first thing you might think about is changing your supplier. There is certainly nothing wrong with shopping around, but you may have some other alternatives if you cannot immediately see any better offers. Perhaps you should think about doing some renovations in your home? They will certainly cost money, but then with the property market on the move again, any investment in your home should be repaid by your house being worth a little more.

Heat can escape from your home if you have old doors and windows. Wood deteriorates with time and is prone to damage and warping. If there are gaps between your windows and their frames, it will explain why your bills might be higher than you had expected them to be. You cannot effectively repair old wooden windows, doors and frames to recreate the strong seal that existed when they were newly installed.

At companies like Sierra, you can see a range of modern double glazed windows that will solve that problem immediately and definitely upgrade your home at the same time. Man made materials are both durable and flexible. If you want to maintain a wood effect, there is no problem and once installed, double glazed windows require minimal attention. You will simply need to wipe them clean or ask your window cleaner to do it when he comes round. There is never any question of your needing to paint them and they will maintain their shape and hence the seal between themselves and their frames.

Your bills
You will not be able to gauge the difference in your energy bills until next winter, but energy does not come cheap and inevitably there is a round of price increases in the autumn that may put more pressure on the monthly household budget. Changing windows, and perhaps even doors, is something that does involve significant spending but your property is likely to be the most significant investment you make in your lifetime. As such, protecting your investment makes sound financial sense.

Property value
It is a fairly easy exercise to get an idea of the value of your home; even though there have been a few years of uncertainty in the property market. You will be able to see what comparable properties for sale in the neighbourhood are asking for currently. You are the only one that can then judge the wisdom of home improvements of any kind. Certainly, if you take into account the energy savings that you will benefit from, the sums are likely to add up. There’s perhaps no urgency because summer is here. You could leave it for a while and then put your mind to it perhaps before next winter arrives.

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