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Everything You Need to Know About UPVC Windows and Their Benefits

Today, we are faced with a good number of choices with regard to the different elements that comprise our homes. What kind of wall covering should we have? What about our front and back doors? What is the best material to use? And let’s not forget our windows as well – what type of window should we select? With this array of choices, it can be difficult to consider all of our options and make the right decision in the end.

But today, let’s focus on your home’s windows. Being a resident of Southampton for a few years now, I knew that I had to contend with weather changes and temperature fluctuations, especially with the moisture and humidity coming from the nearby River Test. So in my research for the best window material, I came across UPVC – and, in the end, I opted for UPVC windows for the simple reason that it was the best choice.

UPVC Windows

Timber windows vs. UPVC windows
UPVC windows have quickly become a popular alternative to traditional timber windows, and it’s easy to see why. For one, timber windows are costly to produce – just imagine the amount of timber needed to create just a few windows. Add to this the fact that they are difficult to maintain and are prone to cracking and warping as well. When timber windows warp, crack, or rot, there will be significant heat loss in your home, leading to higher energy bills to compensate for the lost heat. In addition, it might only take a few years before you have to replace your old timber windows with new ones.

Aluminium windows vs. UPVC windows
Aluminium windows, on the other hand, may be sturdy at the beginning, but they are also costly and take plenty of energy to produce. Over time, aluminium may also have the tendency to get dented or bent. And, since aluminium is a metal, it is a natural heat conductor and therefore not a good aid in improving your home’s insulation. Even if an aluminium window is double-glazed, it still needs to have thermal breaks in order to reduce the transmission of heat.

Why UPVC windows are an obvious choice
UPVC windows are beneficial for a number of reasons, primarily because they are low maintenance, cost less energy to produce, have high insulation, and have a longer lifespan. When it comes to insulation, UPVC windows are inherently superior to both aluminium and timber because they have a high thermal resistance, giving you a good barrier from the outside. With UPVC windows, you can benefit from lower energy bills since your home will be able to retain heat more effectively.

Another reason why UPVC has become more popular is the fact that it never rots, warps, flakes, or bends, and it requires virtually no maintenance whatsoever. In fact, all it needs is a wipe with a cloth. UPVC windows also offer good insulation, not just for energy, but also for sound. As a matter of fact, double-glazed UPVC windows can reduce outside noise by as much as 80%.

More than 80% of homes now make use of UPVC windows in Southampton. And there’s absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t follow suit.

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