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Home Design Predictions For 2014

download (29)2013 was a great year full of surprises. The season saw resurgence in things such as multi-generational housing features, outdoor rooms, and bright colors. This season, some of these choices are required to gain more attention and few more designs are required to pop up. Here are some of the major home design styles that you can anticipate to see in 2014.

Black is the new gray

Black is predicted to remain popular; however, black is said to be the color favorite for 2014. Black is predicted to be used in kitchens, interior doors, and exterior siding. Individuals are also predicted to paint the outside of their houses black in order to provide their houses an impressive and modern look.

More use of steel back splashes

While tile remains the most well-known back splash material, lots of people is expected to go for metal tiles and other sheet materials such as stainless-steel, glass and stone slab. The reason as to why lots of people is expected to go this way is because steel tiles tend to look more elegant and are super simple to clean as compared to regular tiles.

Increased use of vintage displays

Vintage displays have been well-known in previous times and this season is no different. You should anticipate to see more of vintage farm/barn pieces such as apple pickers’ pouches for holding books and magazines. You should also anticipate to see antique hardware or machine parts.

Smarter houses, more compact systems

The previous years have been recognized by improved use of surveillance cameras and other home security systems techniques. There has also been improved use of thermostat techniques, robotic cleaners and traffic sensors. According to professionals, this season is going to be recognized with use of wiser but more compact systems. The techniques will range from lighting to appliances. The reason individuals is required to go for more compact and wiser choices is because small sized techniques are super simple to upgrade and replace.

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