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How long does it take to build a garage?

GarageEstimating the time it can take for a garage to be built is much like working out how long until the bus will come after it has missed its arrival time. There are many different parameters which can affect the build time of a garage, such as its building material (bricks or concrete), if there is one labourer or a team of builders and many more.

Having spoken to garage professionals, they had different views on how long building a garage would take as well, with differing companies using a magnitude of methods to build the same standard garages.

As a result, it is important to look out for which can lengthen or shorten the timescale required, and it is something to consider when planning a new garage build at your home. A base alone if required can take a few days to complete and solidify, however if your garage does not require a base, this will allow the garage build to start right away. Also consider the type of garage you are building as this will also prolong the time it takes to erect. A free standing option might be much quicker to build than one which is attached to the home for example and it goes without saying that a larger garage will also take more time to build. The choice of roof can also elongate the build time too as mentioned above.

Next think of the complexities of your garage. If you are having a garage built which is a conventional shape, with a door and a flat roof and no additional extras, this is a very simple and quick process. If however, you want back doors, additional windows, guttering, additional fascias and features as well as automatic operating garage doors, it is inevitable that the time to do this will be longer. Therefore being realistic about how long it would take to add extras will help you understand the total hours figure.

Obviously, the amount of people that are working on the garage will help to reduce the build time overall, although be aware paying for two or three labourers could be more than paying for one for a bit longer. Depending on the intricacies of your build, you might have to have more people on site and in some situations, regardless of labourers, it might just take a long time.

A further thing to consider is the drying time of materials and products which cannot be cut any shorter. For example it might take a few days for concrete to harden, a day for a GRP fibreglass roof to mould together to make one complete roof, or much more. Because these things cannot be made quicker, these will also have to be planned into the diary at an earlier date an may mean your garage build takes longer than you initially think.

As you can see, estimating the build time of a new garage can be confusing and a stressful period and it is why speaking to a professional concrete and brick garage company can help take away some of the stresses and give you a more accurate prediction on the timescale.

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