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How Steel Roofing Can Reduce Your Energy Bills

Steel RoofingIn the past, asphalt shingles were the top choice for residential roofs, however, they are now being eclipsed by metal roofing systems. While metal roofs may carry a higher initial cost, their durability and energy efficient features make them more cost-efficient over the long term. Attractive, fire resistant and a proven performer, steel roofing can last 50 years or longer.

Steel roofs are installed in sheets with concealed fasteners. The seam design makes the roofs more resistant to blowing off in storms, and water leaks are less likely to occur. Although the roofs are more resistant to wind damage, they still weigh less than their asphalt counterparts. This reduces the weight load on the roof structure and takes some of the stress off the framing. Metal roofing is also resistant to fire, and homeowners may enjoy a discount on their property insurance as a result. For all your roofing needs in the Colorado area, check out Colorado Roof Toppers.

Traditional shingles absorb heat and allow it to transfer into the home. Metal roofing systems are more energy efficient because they reflect heat in both directions. Heat coming from the home’s exterior in the summer is reflected back away from the home, and the heat generated by a furnace will be reflected back into the home in the winter. This allows homeowners to enjoy lower utility bills throughout the year.

Another benefit of steel roofing is the wide range of attractive colours. Metal roofs are coated with colour to create an attractive, more durable finish. These roofs are made to last for decades with minimal fading from the sun and very little owner maintenance. Homeowners can choose vibrant colours or muted shades that will complement any style of home. The ridges on this roofing style add visual appeal to the roof, making it abeautiful architectural feature that will stand out, of course you will need to check with a professional company like Lowcountry Roofing to see what they have to offer.

People who are concerned about being environmentally friendly can also appreciate metal roofs because they’re eco-friendly. Metal roofs are extremely durable, so property owners don’t have to worry about replacing them for decades. They can also feature up to 95 percent recycled content. This makes them one of the most environmentally responsible options available on the market today.When property owners are in the market for new roofing, it’s important to look at some of the modern options that are now available. Metal roofing systems offer homeowners many benefits that asphalt roofs cannot match. They’re attractive, energy efficient, durable, and stylish.

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