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How to Improve Indoor Air Quality

The pollution of the environment, especially in big cities, still remains one of the most important problems and many authorities in California strive hard to lower the levels of pollutants. In spite of several recent laws and collective efforts, the results are not encouraging yet, but the worst news is that indoor air in many homes in Los Angeles deal with even higher levels of contaminants. The residents can hardly do much to eliminate the air outdoors, but they can take action to improve the indoor air quality.

The communication with the outdoors

If you have a central heating and cooling unit at home, there is a whole network of air Vents behind your walls and ceilings which transfer the cool or hot air in all the rooms. Unfortunately, it’s hard to do air duct cleaning on your own since it requires special equipment and experience, but it’s one of the most important procedures in order to avoid infections and respiratory problems. If you notice any of the following problems, you should contact an air vent cleaning company in Los Angeles, immediately.

•             If you smell funny odors, especially when the air conditioning is working

•             If you have eye irritation

•             If you cough or have a hard time breathing properly with no obvious reason

•             If you have allergic symptoms only when you are at home

The cause of problems

Most people do air filter cleaning once a year thinking that they are cleaning the atmosphere from harmful particles. In reality, the problem is deeper since most of the times bad air quality is the result of mold and dirt accumulated inside the air ducts. The problem gets worst if the air ducts are damaged because the small holes would allow the entrance of more particles and you will definitely need duct repair.

When the air vents are new, they are properly sealed and well-insulated and, therefore, the gathering of hazard particles is limited. The smallest problem with the insulation or the sealing will result to leaky air ducts that would allow the multiplication of germs and fungi.  This is a common problem and it is most likely that you will need air vent coating repair as well.

What does home air duct cleaning include?

At the first phase, air duct maintenance involves the cleaning of all the tubes from mold, dirt and insects, which have been gathered in there and have become the main cause of pollution. Although, the studies about their effects on people’s health still continue, experts insist that they are responsible for many allergies and asthma attacks.

At the second phase, a professional air vent repair service will detect the cracks and rips in the insulation with their proper equipment and will proceed with air duct seal repair Los Angeles. When this procedure will be completed, you can rest assured that the indoor air is harmless and you can enjoy the merits of your HVAC unit without fearing for your health.

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