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How to Make Sure That Garage Doors Work Safely

Garage DoorsWhenever any householder installs a new garage door system, the main preoccupations are that they work properly and look good.

But few homes have any attached structural object that is heavier, or larger, than a garage door.

If it breaks down, it is not just a dangerous part of the house, it is potentially fatal.

So ABI Garage Doors would like to offer some advice on how to operate and maintain garage doors in safety. Although not a comprehensive list of safety advice, these are some key tips.

Children and Passers-By
Never allow children or adult friends pretending to be children to play around garage doors. They may think that because they can swing and stretch on doors around the house when someone is not looking, they can do the same in the garage. But when they are misused, garage doors can cause severe injuries and even kill.

• No one should stand underneath on open garage door or play with its opening mechanism, especially when the door is moving.
• Never allow children any access to the door controls. Make sure of this by asking the contractor to install the control at least five feet above the ground. Young children should not be allowed access to any remote controls either.

Daily Operation
• Never walk beneath a moving garage door.
• Make sure that the door is fully in sight when opening and closing.
• Never place hands or fingers in any of the door sections when it is moving.

If the door does not open and close smoothly, there could be a problem with the mechanism. It’s important to remember that all of the springs and cables installed in a garage door are fixed under extreme tension. An untrained householder should never attempt to fix any springs or cables. For maintenance of these types of garage doors Leeds has numerous qualified contractors available.

Householders who are not confident about the quality of their garage door installation should also call a qualified contractor to make an inspection. One common problem is the safety cable.

Garage doors with extension springs need to have a safety cable running through the spring. This will contain the spring if it breaks. If the spring breaks without a safety cable, it could cut though any object, including a human, in its way.

Intruders can break into a garage by tampering with external brackets on the door, or smashing through the door with a vehicle. The door manufacturers supply tamper-proof locks and brackets. These should be connected to the springs of the doors and the tension adjusted to requirements. This is another job for a trained technician, not the householder.

If an intruder, the householder or an incompetent driver has backed in and smashed the garage door, it’s important to have a trained technician to check the system.

Often the doors survive an impact quite well and do not appear damaged. However, some of the more delicate parts of the control mechanism may have been affected or misaligned, so it’s best to stay safe.

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