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How to prepare your house for painting?

house for paintingA perfect finish of paint at exterior can add more value to home or building. Choosing the high quality paint is very important since the coating of paint protects the structure of building from sunlight, rain and external factors. If you find the exterior of your building need to repaint freshly, you need to prepare the surface of your building ready for exterior painting. Following are the tips on painting preparation like repairing flaws, cleaning surfaces and priming. A pressure washer along with proper detergent can help in cleaning the exterior siding thoroughly. They need to use caution while they select nozzle since it can damage wood and break windows. A regular scrub brush or garden hose can work on the surfaces free from excessive flaking or peeling. In order to remove the mildew, they can use a detergent having mildewcide.

Then rinse the surface after cleaning process is completed. Next step is scraping away the loose paint on the surface of building. They can use a wire brush to scrap the paint on the surfaces that are located in areas where a washer cannot reach. If the old layer of paint is whole, scraping is not necessary. They can paint it after sanding. Next tip is repairing any of the surface flaws using a surface repair material for exterior use. Then sand the surface. The next process is removing the old caulk. You need to re-caulk around window stills, door trim and areas that required to get sealed with paintable exterior caulk. Then they need to concentrate on windows by repairing it. Remove the old putty windows and apply glazing. They should ensure it is dry prior they start painting. Another tip is using the dropcloths to protect the lawns and flowerbeds. Finally check out the prime bare wood where repairs are made.

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