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Looking After Your Central Heating

Central HeatingWe all come to depend on our central heating, so if it breaks down it’s a major problem. Of course it’s a good idea to have your boiler serviced every year so that you know it’s safe and in working order for the winter when you need it. But even the best maintained boiler can suffer problems from time to time.

Insure or Repair?
Some people like the idea of taking out insurance, according to The Guardian, to protect against boiler issues but there are reports that this may not always represent good value.

Instead you might prefer to find a good company that can carry out central heating repairs. London and other cities should have plenty to choose from. Do check that your chosen firm is Gas Safe registered and ask for recommendations from friends and neighbours if you’re unsure.

Understanding Problems
There are several different types of problem you might encounter with your heating system. It’s a good idea if you can pinpoint the problem before calling someone to repair it. This can save time and also minimise any damage caused by water leaks.

It’s worth familiarising yourself with your boiler instructions so that you know how to relight it should the gas go off, or to top up the water pressure on combi systems. You should also know how to adjust the temperature for summer and winter settings.

If you do need to call an expert like www.citygasservices.co.uk, try to give them as much information as you can about the problem. If the pump is failing for example it will usually make clattering noises that give away the fact that there’s a problem.

During the winter the condensate pipe on combi boilers can freeze up which stops the system from working. If the pipe is outside and accessible this is something you can probably fix by pouring warm water over the pipe.

Other Parts of the System
Of course the boiler isn’t the only part of the system that may encounter problems. In older properties you may suffer leaks from radiators as they can rust from the inside – especially if the system hasn’t been properly maintained.

A leaking radiator can cause other damage so it’s useful to know how to isolate it before you call a plumber. This is quite straightforward. Turn off the valve that allows you to regulate the temperature, then at the other end of the radiator pull off the plastic cap covering the lockshield valve and turn this off too – you’ll need a pair of pliers. This should isolate the radiator from the rest of the system and if not stop the leak, then at least reduce it to a trickle.

Central heating is an essential part of modern life and therefore we miss it more than ever when it stops working. If you keep your system properly maintained it should serve you well for many tears but it’s good to know that you have a reliable repairer you can call on in the event that it does go wrong.

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