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The Pros and Cons of Using Anthracite Coal as an Option in Home Heating During Winter

The use of anthracite coal in home heating has been gaining momentum with the popularity of this concept growing every day. The bottom line is that coal provides a cheaper and more effective heating option for your home during winter. With that said, anyone looking for an affordable way to stay warm will for sure consider this option.  Just like any other home heating solutions, the coal also has some advantages and disadvantages. To start with the advantages, anthracite as a form of coal is much cheaper compared to electric heaters which many homes use.


The need to cut down overall electricity bills has pushed a lot of home owners to other new options with the use of anthracite being a major pick. For many homeowners looking for affordable heating solutions, the coal will be a very good pick for you. Another important advantage of this coal is the fact that it can be stored for a long time. With this point noted, purchases made for one winter can be used during the other if they are indeed surplus.


Anthracite coal is clear and produces no odor when you compare it to normal coal or even firewood. Although the emissions from the coal are typical of any other hydrocarbon, the emissions made by this type of coal are far less compared to normal coal or firewood.  Finally, the coal has diversity of uses and aside from home heating you can divert some of the energy to boilers so that you use it for water heating. Every good thing all the same has its own shortcomings and even for anthracite, it is not any different. One of the major concerns or shortcomings of the coal is that it is not readily available as you would expect.


Unlike firewood and electricity which can be easily availed, the coal is very hard to come by. In the US for example, anthracite coal can only be found in Pennsylvania and depending on where you are located, the cost of transportation may pile up to be a huge financial burden.  In addition to this point, the fact that anthracite coal is a form of carbon means that it is a fossil fuel and as it is the case with many such fuels, the coal is known to release carbon monoxide gas which is indeed very deadly. If the burning is not regulated with enough oxygen, the use of the coal as a home heating option can prove very fatal.


Finally, the anthracite needs furnaces to provide the needed heat for burning to occur. Some of this equipment is not only expensive but in most cases are not easily available.  Aside from this, maintaining efficiency in such equipments is not an easy task that home owners can do on a regular basis. With these pros and cons, making the most out of anthracite in the process of home heating during winters can be quite easy. The good thing is you can buy coal online these days.

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