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Wall Lightings- Choose The Best For Your Kids’ Rooms And Nurseries

Wall lights have always been personal favorites for those people who like creating a very warm and personalized feel in their homes. Wall lighting is different from general tube lights and bulbs or overhead lightings. Wall lightings save space and they also create a warm feel on the walls.


  • Which wall lights should be chosen for kid’s rooms?

Wall lights are available in different forms and types so depending on the kind of room they are going in, you should select the design and type of the light as well. Here are some great ideas for each room-


a)      Wall lights for kid’s rooms-

Many parents like putting light lamps in kids’ rooms. It calms the child at night and they also feel safer. It also medically has a soothing effect on children which helps them sleep. This is a proven fact. While choosing wall lights for kids rooms, go for soft decorative and cartoon designed lights like in the shape of a star or moon or sun. The touch and push night wall lights work best in kids’ rooms.


b)     Wall lights for nurseries

When it comes to nurseries, you can yet against elect soft night lighting in creative shapes and designs apt for small children. You will find several wall lighting options for nurseries online. Make sure that the light directly doesn’t fall upon the child’s cot. Also it should not be right in the lower corners of the room or near to the floor. Make sure it’s away from the baby’s reach as when they start to crawl they might touch these lights and there is a chance of electrical shocks. Raise them to a height in a certain corner of the room and make sure the light gives a soothing subtle feeling.

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