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Styles of Kitchen, which is right for your home

If your going to have a new kitchen, you ideally need to know which one is best for your home. To do that you might want to look at the household you already have in order to decide. In this piece we will run through how we can help you make the decision by showing a few different styles.

Country Style Kitchens

If your going for something a little vintage then why not try a country style kitchen, they are characterised by their rustic charm and warm homely feel. Complete with carefully crafted kitchen worktops and large beams with this style of kitchen you will not only feel at home but also feel like spoiled. You can find a lot more information about country style kitchens from Eastwoods,  they give a nice summary on their website with a few nice images of example of your perfect country kitchen. Bare in mind when getting this style kitchen that it will fit the modern day living requirements so long as you get a good carpenter to sort this.

Modern Style Kitchens

Looking for a laminate floor or shiny nice new worktops then this option would be for you. If you want something thats going to last then consider going modern. With black and white you kitchen will feel a lot more open and a lot more easier to clean than an old school kitchen. Appliances are also very easy to fit into a modern kitchen. You will also find that this will probably be cheaper than labour costs for someone to make things like suspended ceilings etc. If you want something straight out of the box then this would suit you.

Choosing your colours

Choosing the colours to decorate can sometimes be an even bigger job than getting the kitchen sorted itself. Modern styles you will want to go for black worktops with a nice shiny coating. If your going country then browns will be for you. Don’t underestimate other colours although looking at options for to vibrant colours could make your appliances stand out (which will be white and black most likely).

Overall choosing your kitchen and interiors can be a difficult decision to make, its worth just summerizing your existing ideas with the rest of your house and then putting it all together.


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